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St Margaret's Church, King's Lynn

This panel has a curious motif of lions in the guise of the Green Man, with foliage sprouting from their mouths. As the detail below shows this is no accident, as the central tiles also have a small lion head with leaves growing out of the sides of the mouth. lions in tile panel

lions tiles detail


This example forms part of a border. The lion's head is much more abstract than the portrayals on the lion tiles shown above.

lion's head

dove tile panel

The panel on the left is based on repeated images of doves (detail below). In each corner of the panel is an eagle.

eagle on tile

St Margaret's:


Views of the font tiling

Selection of tiles around font

Selection of tiles around font

Lions and doves tiles around font

The choir and lower altar

Alpha and Omega tiles

Evangelists tiles


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doves detail

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