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St Margaret's Church, King's Lynn


Either side of the altar are these tiles, showing Alpha and Omega, the first and the last letters of the Greek Alphabet. Alpha is to the left, Omega to the right.

In contrast to similar sized groups of four tiles elsewhere in the church, these panels are made of five tiles and the central insert is circular. There are several advantages to this design. One is that the corner tiles could be mass produced to take a variety of inserts - the corner tiles for omega and the evangelists are the same ones, for example. Also it means that the insert could be aligned to the viewer, whichever way the tile pattern was orientated. In the case of Alpha and Omega, the tiles are angled diagonally at 45 degrees to the walls of the church, but for the evangelist tiles they are square to the lines of the building.

The design of the central insert is quite intricate and forms the focus of the group. Having it as a separate tile means that the joins of the tiles don't cut through it.

alpha detail

omega tile

St Margaret's:


Views of the font tiling

Selection of tiles around font

Selection of tiles around font

Lions and doves tiles around font

The choir and lower altar

Alpha and Omega tiles

Evangelists tiles


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omega tile detail

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