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Tiles at the Russell-Cotes museum

These highly patterned wall tiles (on the right) grace the gents' toilets.

fireplace tiles



The tiles of a fireplace surround (left) feature the same ARC monogram as the entrance hallway. (Flash photography is not allowed in the rooms of the house, to protect the artifacts.)

tiles in toilet


The largest area of this geometric tiling is in the conservatory. Some panels of the glass there are ruby-red (coloured by a gold compound in the glass), creating deep red effects on the floor which move with the sun.

tile in red light

conservatory tiles

fish tiles

The Museum also has an art gallery and display space, for which these fish tiles were designed by John Hinchcliffe and Wendy Barber.


mosaics in the Russell-Cotes museum

stained glass in the Russell-Cotes museum

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