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Mosaics and mosaic making information from The joy of shards Mosaics Resource

Thank you for your interest in this project.

This site first went live in August 2001 as "the Joy of Shards". The addition to the title ("Mosaics Resource") reflects the way it has steadily grown since then. There are currently around 350 pages and over 1,000 illustrations. The aim is to share an enthusiasm for mosaic art and provide a high quality, extensive online resource where visitors can learn about mosaic making and study examples in a wide range of styles and materials. There is also information on related aspects of tiles, ceramics and tessellations.

The educational value of the site has been recognised by the US government-sponsored The Gateway to Educational Materials programme. It has been reviewed by the BBC's web site, BBCi and is "Recommended" when you use BBCi to search the web for mosaics

The author, webmaster and photographer for the site is Rod Humby. The photographs on this site are original (no scans from books, for example). All photographs are my own, with a few exceptions supplied by family and friends, or as otherwise indicated. Some pictures featured on this site have been published elsewhere, for example in Adventures In Mosaics by Meera Lester, and the magazine of the America Society of Landscape Architects (August 2004). I welcome enquiries from publishers who may wish to arrange to use my photography.

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2001-8 All pictures and text are copyright
the joy of shards Mosaics Resource