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Mosaics and mosaic making information from The joy of shards Mosaics Resource

British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM)
A must-join for mosaic fans everywhere. Includes links to over 200 mosaic sites worldwide.
BAMM publishes Andamento, a 40 page full colour journal which "aims to fill the gap in critical review and in depth writing on mosaic from the 19th century to the present day". Find out how to get a copy of Andamento

Mosaic Matters
The online magazine for all things mosaic. Includes a notice board for questions about mosaics, pages of hints and tips.

Mosaic group at Yahoo groups
Discussion group about mosaics and mosaic making. You can search the archives, ask questions, view and post photos. There are also online galleries of members' work at

The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA)
"Advancing mosaic art in the americas" - Has an extensive list of links to more than 250 members' sites.

Cole Sonafrank's Links to Mosaic Forums, Resources & Studios
The granddaddy of mosaic and stained glass web site lists, but that's not all - there's also very detailed information on mortars and concretes for the mosaic maker. Explore the site, as there's more than first meets the eye. Unfortunately, it's fair to say that fewer than half the mosaic links are actually working... To spare you the heartache - but without warranty - I've compiled this list of just those mosaic links that I found active in late-2006

Passion Mosaique
A French site with hundreds of pictures of mosaics (in the "Galeries" section - if your French isn't too good, just click around till you find them...)

ASPROM (The Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics)
An association devoted to the study of ancient mosaics, and especially the Roman mosaics of Britain. Lots of information and articles.

Mosaic Association of Australia (Mos-Oz)

Mosaics and murals at Flickr
A collaborative project including an eclectic selection of photos of mosaics. Try running the group pool of photos as a slideshow. (Murals predominate, but they're plenty interesting too.) Alternatively, search through thousands of photos with "mosaic" as a tag (key word)

Mosaic Atlas
A great idea - a global gazetteer of public mosaic art, with contributions from around the world. Why not send some in?

Here is just a very small selection of artists' sites - many more can be found through the links above...

Cleo Mussi
See why she's one of my favourite mosaic artists.

Here's a prodigious mosaic blog from Canada's Mosaic Art Source

Sonia King
Artist Sonia King's site includes a directory of mosaics around the world, useful for planning trips, or making sure you don't miss something near your destination.

Repsyche mosaics
Bold and very pleasing pique assiette work by Angela Casazza. I particularly like the idea that one recent piece is composed of antique Japanese porcelain broken in a Californian earthquake...

Hannacrois mosaics
Quality mosaics and several very comprehensive work-in-progress pages, which discuss the techniques used in the mosaics. Extremely informative.

Teena Gould
I really like Teena's public art works, which combine mosaic, sculpture and her ceramic expertise.

The House of Shards (Louisiana)
This is what we like to see - a whole house covered in broken crockery.

This site has ready-snipped crockery for sale, but also features mosaics containing computer chips and the only mosaicked pair of crutches I've ever seen.

Riverson Fine Mosaics
There's a very fine door mosaicked with old crockery at this site. Joe Moorman also runs Mosaic Art Supply.

The Tiles & Architectural Ceramics Society
TACS is a must for anyone interested in tiles and decorative ceramics related to buildings. The site has loads of information and pictures and a very useful UK gazetteer which I dip into frequently.

Tiles on the web
The web site for handmade and historic tiles. If tiles take your interest, this is a valuable resource.

Art History with Michelli
Comprehensive information on stained glass history and techniques.

Stained Glass Photography
Photographs and details of some of the finest examples of stained glass windows from around the world.

The Creativity Portal
Promotes the exploration and expression of creativity. Dozens of links to instructional arts, crafts and writing sites.

Art Nouveau server
A resource on art nouveau design, particularly in architecture. Contains a number of buildings featuring mosaic in this style.

A huge illustrated dictionary with over 3,500 definitions of terms used in the visual arts.

The Virtual Artroom
Ideas and tutorials in digital arts, featuring Photoshop, ImageReady, Paint Shop Pro and PowerPoint.

Online mosaic making
Some fun tools for making mosaic designs on web pages. Also some interesting material on mazes.

The Craft Site Directory
Over 5000 art and craft related links

Making a Roman mosaic
First-hand account of the process of making a Roman-style mosaic for a garden, using the indirect (reverse) method.

Lopen Roman mosaic
A superb site about the discovery of a Roman mosaic in Somerset UK in 2001. Although the mosaic had to be covered up again, a team reconstructed a portion of it from loose tesserae found at the site. Lots of detailed information about the mosaic and the project.

Greek Mosaics
Ruth Westgate's pages on mosaics of the Classical & Hellenistic Periods have articles, a bibliography and many pictures.
A feast of tessellating graphics, with explanations, galleries and methods.

Totally Tessellated
A source for information and examples of tilings and tessellations.

Mosiac and ceramic sundials

Jane's Addictions
Sparkling site with thoroughly researched and well organised information about self-taught/visionary/outsider/folk art, artists and environments.

NarrowLarry's World of the Outstanding
A "guide to travel, great architecture, and underappreciated art." Amongst these "explorations into the unDisney" are a good selection of visionary environments in the USA and a state by state list of not-so-well-known places to see.

Raw Vision Magazine
The international journal of visionary and intuitive art, this magazine covers outsider art, art brut and contemporary folk art. Has a very useful discussion of the use of these terms, and others.

Interesting Ideas
Exactly what it claims. A gem of a site. The "outsider links" section will expand your mind for the duration of your allotted span.

"The Center for Intuitive & Outsider Art"

link to top

An alternative art magazine from Los Angeles.

ARTESIAN celebrates the "upwelling" visual arts - "images, writings and ideas that come from the many self-taught, intuitive and visionary self-taught artists and creators whose voices we rarely hear". The gallery is really good - you'll want to see it.

Raw Art Link
Even more links to explore on an art brut theme...

The Museum of Bad Art
"Art too bad to be ignored" - something we can all aspire to....

Niki de Saint Phalle
A full biography and more pictures and information about the Tarot Garden.
There are more pictures at
See also these excellent photo studies of the ceramics, glass, metal etc in the Garden.
For a selection of her other art work, check out Google's image search results

Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, UK
"Not an art gallery or museum, nor . . . simply a collection of works of art reflecting my taste or the taste of a given period. It is, rather, a continuing way of life from these last fifty years, in which stray objects, stones, glass, pictures, sculpture, in light and in space, have been used to make manifest the underlying stability . . ." Jim Ede

Roadside America
Hugely enjoyable!!

Some blogs (web logs) who have commented on this site

John Cooper Clarke
The Bard of Salford's... er...web site

Radio 3: new and world music
Eclectic selections, with archived recordings (RealAudio)
I'm a Mixing It fan myself....and you can hear each week's show too, on demand.

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